Mediations, Arbitrations, Board Meetings and Conferences

Mediation Central provides purpose-built facilities for public hire, specifically designed for mediation, arbitration, conferencing and general business meetings.

Established in September 2013, with the aim of offering cutting-edge, affordable mediation facilities for hire, the venue is professionally supported. There is no equivalent space publicly available in Sydney.  Only some top tier law and accountancy firms, and corporations at the “big end” of town, enjoy access to similar amenities and hardware but they do not have the advantages of a ground floor location and close proximity to public parklands, which Mediation Central offers.

Our centre is conveniently situated on Goulburn Street, just up the road from the Family Court and the Downing Centre, and close to the Civil Registry of the District Court, on the edge of the CBD and surrounded by the relative tranquility of Hyde Park and Harmony Park.

We can accommodate:

  • mediations, conciliations and arbitrations
  • hearing rooms
  • board meetings
  • the taking of evidence on commission for foreign depositions
  • real time, same day or delayed transcription services
  • community meetings
  • book launches
  • public meetings and small receptions for up to 80 people
  • ceremonial occasions, particularly for virtual participation, where an overseas audience is to be simultaneously linked-in to the proceedings